Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Filming Outside the Queen's House

The group decided where they wanted to film their interview
 with John Harrison and set up the cameras

Checking the white balance

When interviewing John Harrison we discovered that when he came to London for the first time he met the Astronomer Royal Halley. He was very supportive of Harrison's invention and solution for the Longitude prize. We also learnt that despite creating such an advanced device, that would seem could have only be made by a rich scholar or scientist at the time, Harrison had actually started out his career merely a carpenter.
Harrison did not get on with the new Astronomer Royal Nevil Maskelyne who disregarded his work and in addition, took the H4 which greatly angered him.

After changing locations we were told by Harrison that even the greatest scientist at the time, Isaac Newton, did not believe that the clock would be the solution to finding Longitude. Newton had a stronger belief in the astronomers and thought that calculating Longitude from the stars and moon would more likely be the solution to their problems. 

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