Wednesday, 30 July 2014


When they finished filming Harrison's clocks they filmed the interview with Dr Richard Dunn, a curator of the Ships, Clocks and Stars exhibition, who provided us with a lot of great answers. We also found out that at the time France had been in the process of attempting to calculate Longitude using the stars and moon. If Britain had not found how to work out Longitude, would have France eventually found the solution through their method?

After that they interviewed John Harrison who spoke about how Captain Cook took the K1 (a copy of the H4) on board and navigated successfully aided by this pocket watch from the tropics to the Antarctic. 

John Harrison is sat in front of the Queens's House for filming with
Greenwich Royal Observatory in the background

Harrison also spoke about the poor treatment of himself on behalf of the board of Longitude as he never received his prize money, even after meeting their requirements for the prize. It was only after his son appealing to King George III that he finally received part of what was rightfully his.

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