Monday, 28 July 2014

Westminster Muniment Archive

Looking at the artefacts from the Association

Peter Daniel talks about how Shovell's memorial doesn't celebrate what was achieved by him, instead it shows his tragic death and an admiral that led his crew straight to death. The is far from a representation of an admirable sailor that worked his way up the ranks from the very bottom and brought back many riches for Queen Anne.

I also spoke to some of them about when we visited the Abbey muniment archive.

Ruby, what did you think of the muniment archive? Can you remember how many books there were?
Ruby: Yes! There were 14000 and it was a bit like Hogwarts, it was really dusty!

How old is Westminster Abbey's muniment archive?
Millie: It's a thousand years old 
And how old were the books?
They were about 400 years old

We looked at the book called the Westmonesterium in which John Dart commented on how Shovell's memorial gave him "great offence". This was due to the fact that the memorial simply shows his death and not his achievements which should be remembered.

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