Monday, 28 July 2014

Thoughts on Today's Activities

I spoke to some of the participants and asked them what they thought of this morning's session

Gracie: What did you enjoy about this morning's activities?
I enjoyed the practise interviews with the camera, and learning how to control it.

Alice: What was the most interesting thing you learnt this morning?
I liked finding out how they told the time before clocks existed and learning how to use W.I.F.F.L (W.I.F.F.L is the acronym for (W) white balance, (I) iris, (F) focus, (F) frame, (L) levels - sound)

Lotte: What was your favourite part of this morning?
I really liked learning how the camera worked.

This project is about the Longitude act, what was this all about?
In the old days lots of sailors died because they didn't know where they were going, so they came up with this thing called the Longitude act. There are different time zones all around the world; in one place you might be having your breakfast, whilst in another part of the world you might be eating your lunch. Knowing the time it was where you were in the world was an important thing you needed to know your Longitude.

Oscar:  Why did so many sailors die in the past?
They didn't know where they were going, they knew their Latitude (North, South) but not their Latitude (East, West), they needed a clock,

What did sailor's need to know to be able to know their Longitude?
They needed a clock that could tell them the time in two places.

Why are their twenty four meridians?
There are twenty four because the world is divided into twenty four time zones.

Oscar do you know how many degrees are in each meridian?
There are 15 degrees.

If I was travelling West from Greenwich and it is 10am local time, when it is noon at Greenwich, how many degrees Longitude will I be West of Greenwich?
That's easy, if I am two hours behind Greenwich time I am two meridians away. If there are 15 degrees in each meridian that must mean I am 30 degrees West of Greenwich.

Libby: What was one thing you learnt today?
We had to make sure the sound levels were correct as if they were too high they can damage your hearing.

Overall, the group enjoyed learning how to use the equipment and got grasp of it quickly.

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